My job is to inspire you!

When I founded ATHENA International thirty years ago, my purpose was to support, develop and honor women leaders. This is my mission still.

We’ve come a long way since then. Thousands of exceptional women have received local ATHENA awards, and we have honored hundreds of inspirational leaders of both genders by presenting them with the International ATHENA award.

Along this epic journey, we looked at the qualities that highly effective women leaders bring to their professions – and their lives. That’s when we developed the ATHENA Leadership Model, which espouses the following eight principles: Live Authentically, Learn Constantly, Advocate Fiercely, Act Courageously, Foster Collaboration, Build Relationships, Give Back, and Celebrate.

These principles evolved and expanded to form the core of my book, Becoming ATHENA.

Click here to read more about these eight principles.

To inspire women to bring their innate leadership skills into the world remains my mission – and my passion – today. Whether I’m speaking to a large group, conducting an ATHENA World Café with a select group of leaders, or “speaking” to one person who is reading my book, my goal is to support people in embodying those qualities which come naturally to women – but which have proven effective for all leaders.

Living authentically, collaborating, bringing your core values to your mission…these traits may come more easily to women, but they’ve been proven to work for us all.

If you’re already a leader, I celebrate you! If you’re passionate about something you’re bringing forth in the world, I hope I’ll have the privilege of supporting and inspiring you!

My goal is to leave a different leadership legacy – one which embodies the ATHENA Leadership Model.