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“Martha’s wisdom is every woman’s wisdom, a life tapestry of precepts for living and relating.”

– Laura W. Boyd, Ph.D., Women Impacting Public Policy

“Athena principles empower women-and men who are courageous enough-to be the leaders they are meant to be. If embraced around the world, these principles can put us on a path to peace.”

– Barbara Litrell, Former President, WorkingWomanNetwork

“Through personal narrative, accumulated wisdom, and engaging stories, Mertz’s book captures the essence of leaders. No matter your position, experience, or gender, it is worth reading from cover to cover.”

– Marie C. Wilson
President and Founder, The White House Project

“Becoming ATHENA is masterful writing and an interesting journey of anecdotes and information that cause pause for thought. Mertz’s early challenges, both family and work, brought back vivid memories of my work in the mining business in the 1970’s; I was an anomaly to say the least! I found her leadership principles interesting and thought-provoking. The world appreciates Mertz’s leadership and foresight so many years ago!”

– Dawn Bershader

“Show me where to stand and I will move the earth.”  Archimedes

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