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eight principles of enlightened leadership

Live Authentically – Being true to yourself.  Leaders know their values and remain true to them.
Learn Constantly – Continuous development of skills and intellectual expansion.  Leaders seek knowledge.  
Advocate Fiercely – Passionate, personal devotion to something that deeply matters.  Leaders champion what is right.
Act Courageously – A willingness to stand alone and speak the truth, to challenge the status quo.  Leaders dare.
Foster Collaboration – Encouraging participation from those often overlooked.  Leaders welcome others to the work of leadership.
Build Relationships – Connecting genuinely with those around you.  Leaders engage, empower and trust.
Give Back – Leaving a worthy legacy for your community and the world.  Leaders serve.
Celebrate – Memorializing moments, triumphant or tragic.  Sharing joyful or solemn reflection.  Leaders remember and rejoice.
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