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“Live Authentically~~ it sounds so easy; so basic.  Since preschool, my granddaughter Zayda has been identifying as a woman but marching to a different drummer preferring boys clothing, sports, and personal appearances. She started playing baseball at a young age and took to it with vigor and love. As she grew she became a skilled catcher and pitcher. The coaches wanted her but the boys on the teams sometimes resented this girl taking their prime spots on the field.  She just wanted to play ball and help the team. With these women’s life stories of living authentically, I knew this book was for Zayda and all who have a dream and just need the encouragement of those before them to live their true story. I can’t wait to see her authentic self grow and mature and this book will surely be a motivation to keep up the true fight. I love Zayda, and I loved this book. “

Bonnie Wellman

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